Food & Farm Fest 2016
9th April 2016


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Food and Farm Fest Blown Away

The Food and Farm Fest held on Beef Natural Farm in Mardella on Saturday the 16th May was shut down around midday as the wind speed became too dangerous. With gazebos becoming unstable and even a couple of our portable toilets being blown over. It was such a shame as the event attracted a lot of people despite the cold weather and rain in the morning.

It was so disappointing to have to turn away so many patrons that still wanted to come to the festival, but the organisers had to do so for the safety of everyone under the conditions.

Despite the cold, rain and high-speed winds, people that were there were in high spirits, and we received an overwhelming number of positive comments about the event. Merri the event leader said this showed her that there was a lot of interest in this type of festival in our community. Even the stallholders were saying how much more interest people had in their products compared to other events they had been to.

The organisers would like to thank all the stallholders, speakers and volunteers that soldiered on until gates were closed. We want to apologise to all the patrons that missed out, but unfortunately the weather is out of our control and people’s safety and welfare was our main concern.

We have already started planning the next event so festival goers are advised to check back on our website or join our Facebook page for updates.

As disappointing as it was, it is a positive indication that people are interested in healthy living, local produce and good old fashioned family fun. We are excited and feel enthusiastic to plan future festivals on a yearly basis. We hope that the people who did get to be part of this festival will spread the word so we can make it an even better event next time.

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