Food & Farm Fest 2016
9th April 2016


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'eat your way to health'
Dr Peter Dingle

Dr D is one of Australia's leading researchers, educator and communicator. He was an Associate Professor and leading researcher in Health and the Environment and is passionate about common sense and sustainable health approaches.


Dr Dingle (PhD) has spent the past 25 years as a researcher, educator, author and public health advocate for common sense. He is one of Australia’s leading motivational health speakers, he was an Associate Professor in Health and the environment for 21 years before being rewired and runs corporate health and well being programs and public speaking around Australia. He currently has 10 books in print with the latest ones “The great cholesterol deception, Take Control and Realise Your Potential” and “A Supplement a day keeps the doctors away”.


Dr Dingle is appearing at the Food and Farm Fest on May 16, at 12.30pm in the speaker’s area.


'sourdough breadmaking'

Following successful careers in fashion and finance, Yoke Mardewi took the plunge and decided to work at her first love and passion - the making and sharing of food and in particular, sourdough bread-making.

Yoke runs cooking classes with a specialty in sourdough bread-making. She has written the book 'Wild Sourdough,' featured on Western Australian TV, radio and in various food and health websites, newspapers and magazines.

Yoke is a member of the Artisan Bakers Association and Slow Food, and is a keen supporter of organic/biodynamic farming.


'bull whispering'

Gerald has bred and handled beef stud cattle for over 25 years. He has made numerous presentations at beef cattle field days demonstrating to commercial cattle producers how they can improve their profits using cross breeding techniques without the use of artificial hormone growth promotants (HGP).


Come, watch and learn how cattle think and behave by this live presentation using real cattle. Discover how cattle are social animals and begin to understand how they view the world. Learn to read their body language and how to move cattle with your eyes.


This presentation will be great value for both commercial cattle farmers as well as hobby farmers considering purchasing their first beef cattle. Designed to build confidence dealing with cattle and improve one's stock handling skills.


'funky fermenting'

Tina Old is a local lady having lived in Serpentine and Oakford for most of her life, is passionate about health, well being and good nourishing food.

She became really interested in probiotic's some 3 years ago due to a personal health issue and ever since has made her own fermented veg, yoghurt, and Kefir.

Amazed at how these simple additions to our lives can improve our health dramatically Tina has become a voice for improving gut health.

'Food Forests For All '
Caralyn Lagrange

Awarded a number of State awards for her community environmental education, Caralyn Lagrange inspires others to ‘garden’ and ‘farm’ in environmentally friendly and sustainable ways. Using strategies that foster natural processes and promote biodiversity, one productive green area after another has sprouted up at ‘A Garden Path’,
Caralyn’s Garden and Hobby Farm.

At 11 am Caralyn will present ‘Food Forests for All’. In this talk she’ll explain how an area that was once yellow sand has been transformed into Botanica – a garden ‘room’ of  thriving herbs, fruit and vegetables as well as birds, insects, frogs, fish, poultry, reptiles and worms.

Another area, once 120 sq metres of gravel and exposed cap rock, is now Tropica – a fire-retardant ‘forest’ that has some capacity to feed itself as well as others. Then there is Arcadia with its nut and stone fruit tree canopy, Organica – once a traditional grassed water hungry back yard now revamped into a kitchen garden, Aquatica – home to farm yard ducks and ornamental fish as well as aquatic food gardens… hey there’s more, but not in 30 min! 

'Wormfarming & Composting '
Rob Gulley

Rob Gulley grew up on a small farm in Victoria, where they did everything themselves. He became a tradie (fitter and turner), then a youth worker.

For the past 10 years he's trained and worked as an energy and water auditor and compost and worm farm teacher.

Passionate about preserving our environment (including a liveable climate of course!) he does whatever he can to help householders to play their part; he's currently teaching migrants how to compost (under a Waste Authority grant) so they can get back to growing a bit of food in our sandy Perth soils.

He's available for energy and/or water-saving advisory visits for households and farms.


'Planting for Aesthetics, Fauna, Food and Reduced Fire Risk'
Caralyn Lagrange

Caralyn author of 'Gardening and Eating for Living'. She has been featured on Gardening Australia and the Garden Gurus. She has presented at the Perth Royal Show, Garden Week and numerous fairs and festivals. Her garden A Garden Path has been open to the public through Australia's Open Garden Scheme. In this talk she will cover: bush fires being an increasing threat, particularly in the urban/rural interface areas.

Indigenous plants are often selected as landscape plants as they usually have lower water requirements than exotic plants yet they can be highly volatile. Fortunately there are many indigenous plants that are fire-retardant. Some of these plants additionally are sources of food for wildlife and yes, even people.   

Gerald Burgsma
Beef Production - Getting rid of the JUNK

With modern feedlots drive for greater profits and supermarkets requiring extra long shelf life, our beef we eat is riddled with unnatural inputs some leading to health concerns.

This presentation will outline how Australia's beef is produced and show alternative, natural pathways for beef production leading to healthier food choices.


Ian Beeson & Dan Dowsett
Bees are swarming & honey is flowing

With a name like Ian Beeson's, it's little wonder he ended up as the president of the West Australian Apiarists' Society, WAS.

He earned a bee-keeping badge in scouts as a young lad and a few years later saw a neighbour had a bee box in his backyard.

Then a swarm landed in a Bottle Brush tree outside his home in Swan View and he thought, he would like to keep bees so he rang around and spoke to the WAS and they said to come along to a meeting and he joined up."

"They showed him around and how to do it and he got the bug."

Ian & Dan want to promote and encourage the craft of beekeeping by enabling members to meet and discuss beekeeping matters; to promote public interest and benefits from beekeeping by means of education and publicity and to encourage the planting of and protection of flora suitable for hive production and to assist the honey industry generally.

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