Food & Farm Fest 2016
9th April 2016


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The Rivers Regional Council, comprising the Cities of Armadale, Gosnells, South Perth and Mandurah, and the Shires of Serpentine Jarrahdale, Murray and Waroona, is committed to reducing the amount of waste generated and diverting as much of the household waste stream as possible into recycling and composting.  Increased waste generation has arisen from increasing consumption and products with shorter life expectancy.  The increase in disposable household income artificially reinforces the need to keep up with changes in technology, fashion and home renovation.  

"Busy lifestyles and available food choices contribute to over consumption and waste"

Some 50%-60% of household waste is organic material that is an excellent source of nutrient rich material for making compost, a great soil improver that has many significant benefits for improving soil. 

Composting not only reduces organic waste but assists in developing a productive garden at home.  It starts with creating good soil that contains organic material found in compost along with nutrients to feed plants and retain water. Food from the garden grown in season is more nutritious and tasty, and comes with the satisfaction of having grown it yourself.  It is also a fun way to engage children in gardening, building healthy soil using compost and worm juice and to learn about the natural environment and promote healthy eating.

By engaging with Food and Farm Fest, we are bringing people together in an environment that is friendly and creates an atmosphere for like minded people to share and learn and develop ideas that will ultimately result in waste reduction and resource recovery.  From a product that was once seen as waste and would have been disposed of, people can learn that with a little effort, they can reap significant rewards.

Byford Healing Arts is a multidisciplinary health clinic using primarily alternative therapies.  These include chiropractic, massage, Ayurvedic, nutrition and exercise. 

All disciplines are importantly centered on using food as medicine and we walk our talk by having a vegetable garden on premises.

We also hold “Healing with Food” classes on a regular basis which are open to the public by appointment.

We strongly support the initiatives of the Serpentine Jarrahdale Food and Farm Alliance and are proud to support all of its programs.

Beef Natural is passionate about producing healthy, naturally raised lean beef. Our beef is grown without the use of hormones (HGP) and antibiotic feed supplements and all our beef products are free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.

Beef Natural products are produced lean and gluten free resulting in healthy beef with succulent taste.

Beef Natural supports the SJ Food and Farm Alliance mission of improving food security by producing farm direct, traceable beef and promoting community health and nutrition.

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale supports Food and Farm Fest delivered by Serpentine Jarrahdale Food and Farm Alliance.   

Council is supportive of advancing our local industries, to benefit our Shire economically and environmentally, especially in the areas of agriculture and equine. 

The Food and Farm Fest will provide an opportunity for local producers to connect with each other and local residents, showcasing their product, whilst celebrating Serpentine Jarrahdale.

We congratulate Serpentine Jarrahdale Food and Farm Alliance for this unique initiative, and we are honoured to be a partner to make the 2015 program possible.

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